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Announcement From Janne Da Arc

We Are Janne!

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We Are Janne!

Announcement From Janne Da Arc

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We Are Janne.
This was the announcement posted today at the official homepage. I'm not going to say anything about it because I'm still in shock, and think it best for all of you to just read it for yourselves. All I will say is that I will support them, no matter what happens, and hope that all of you will as well. As for what this Really Means, I can't tell you any more than what is written here...so...we'll just have to wait and see.

We thank you for always supporting Janne Da Arc.
This is an important notice, from the members and staff.

In May of last year, we were able to celebrate our tenth anniversary since our formation in 1996. At present, we have been able to grow as a band to one so large that we could not have even imagined it when we began our work together in Osaka and Hirakata. This, too, is thanks to all of the support we have received from all of you, as our fans. Truly, we thank you.

Looking at it from the outside, the years have passed so quickly for Janne Da Arc. Now, looking back on our ten years together, in order to reach an even greater stage in our work, until now all of our plans to do something new or different have largely been trial and error on the parts of both the members and staff.

This is the official announcement that our new plans are to pursue solo projects individually.

We are doing this for the sake of honing the skills of our individual members, and our diverse talents. That is to say, we are working toward a new world of expression. Of course, Janne Da Arc will continue with the release of “SINGLES 2” on February 21 and the like, but this is our announcement to the world of our pursuit of individual projects from here on. All of us, the members and staff, are convinced that we will be able to make all of our work reach all of you once our individual members grow even stronger through these projects, coming together again as Janne Da Arc.

We will be notifying everyone about the details of the individual projects in the future. We ask that you continue to watch over Janne Da Arc kindly from here on.

We’re doing our best to bring a wonderful performance to all of you.

Janne Da Arc members & Staff
  • It's about damn time, I think.
  • omg... T_T
  • :/// Damn.
  • Didn't L'arc~en~Ciel do something like this, too? Where the members did solo work for a while? And then went back together and now they're making new music again. I'm sure that Janne da Arc intends to do the same. :)
  • Kiku- im me ok?
  • I support them wholeheartedly...but I can't help feeling sad because it seems like an obvious end to Janne Da Arc. Thus passes another one of my favorite bands. T_T
  • O_O
  • I'm this doesn't mean that the band is going. Like someone above said, L'Arc did something similar for a while. In any way, even if they do, I'm sure that the individual members will keep on bringing us music that is as amazing as we've come to expect from Janne.
  • While I'm concerned whether they'll reform again like L'Arc or pull a LUNA SEA ... I'm honestly not too surprised by this announcement. :/ In fact, it's about time we heard official word on why they haven't released something new in ages. I also couldn't help but notice the way they've looked in photoshoots in the last year -- the word "unhappy" comes to mind. ._. I just hope that, whatever happens with their solo projects, they won't disband Janne. x_X;

    ... I still can't quite picture any of them solo, though. o.O; It's so weird to even think about as a long-time fan. ;_;
    • I agree. It is nice to know what's going on, for sure. I think we're all concerned, but I'm heartened by kiyo's honest optimism (that is, one not masked in formal Japanese). In the fanclub magazines they've looked just as happy as they've always been...and I don't think it's because they have any bad blood between them, since they see each other often. Also, I haven't heard anything different over at fm osaka or the like, and if it were really something to be worried about, the radio show would probably be going on hiatus.

      I sincerely hope (and honestly doubt) that the solo projects will break them up, since that doesn't sound like their intention at all; and they've always been a lot more honest, even with official announcements, than some of the other bands I've known.
  • hellyes

  • ..............

  • (Anonymous)
    can't believe it...*totally shocked*
  • (no subject) - miss_rain
  • Well, I got a text from a friend who saw the Japanese announcement and isn't fluent in Japanese, and from what she said it sounded like they were disbanding. Now that I am finally home and get to see for myself, this is actually a lot more positive than I thought. *L* The past year or two way too many of my bands are posting notices of disbandment, sometimes with a mention of pursuing solo projects; this seems to be completely about pursuing solo projects, instead of being about actually disbanding. I saw it coming, and I think a lot of people did, and all I can say is I am happy they aren't disbanding, and I actually really look forward to hearing the solo work (and I really hope they do in fact get back together as a full band someday).
    • I'm looking forward to it too, and am really heartened by the optimism present in this announcement. They've always been honest with their fans, even in official, formalized announcements like this one...and if it was something serious, they would have said something. (I'm also heartened in noticing that yasu still signs his name with Janne Da Arc before it, if you look at their signatures on the homepage.)

      The more I think about it, the less I'm worried, and the more I know I just have to support them, no matter what. I'm trying to believe that all it really means for me is that now I'll have a lot more to stay on top of for you guys.
  • I'm simply thankful that they've been around for as long as they have, made all that wonderful music, and I wish them well with wherever they decide to go from here and whatever they decide to do. ^_^ Good luck to all of them.
  • ..i hope..it's really not a disbanding..and when..i am still missing the band ...janne da arc..is janne da arc. Still when everybody are going to make solo projects..it's not the same, ya. I wanna have them togehter....hn..but I still wish dem good luck!
    • Honestly? It doesn't sound like it. kiyo sounds very optimistic about this helping him do better in Janne (he likened solo projects to a sort of training camp on his blog last night), and they still see each other often, are still doing the radio show together on fm osaka and other kinds of things, so I'm getting more and more optimistic about this.

      I think the announcement was just a way to allow all the members to do things individually while still letting the fans know what was going on. Without an announcement, we all would have been very confused and scared, I think, if they just started announcing individual releases. (Or at least I would be.)
  • ...When I first read this I thought something horrible must have happened x_Xx
    I'm still in schock, but everyone is OK... Let's see what the future brings, then ^^x/

  • I'm in shock. I just can't help feeling sad even though this is just temporary. But Janne Da Arc is still Janne Da Arc~
  • Maybe it's for the best. I can't say I'm terribly surprised or shocked, but it still was sudden for me. When you think about it, a decade is a very long time to have done all the things they have done. I don't see it as a break-up, but more like a reformation. In that sense, they'll come back a stronger group than before. We can only hope that'll be the case.
  • .......damn. T_T Hopefully they'll reform down the road like L'Arc does.
  • This makes me cry... ;_; I don't even know what to say or think...
  • WORRIED. FGGGHH I know change has to happen, but but Janne is my favourite fucking band, and I don't like the possibility that they will follow in LUNA SEA's footsteps (my favourite now-defunct band D:).

    In less serious news: OH GOD I'M SO POOR ALREADY, how am I going to buy everyone's new projects? ;_;
    • Oh, you saw my freakout about this already. WORST WEEK EVER. But kiyo seems optimistic! XD

      And oh, god, I KNOW. I don't know how I'm going to afford them, now. XDD But I'll do it somehow! XD
  • Oh my gosh... i hope they won't think about breaking up. I'm looking forward to hearing about their solo projects though.
  • I think this is actually a good thing. From what it sounds like they feel like they're stagnating as a group and they want to grow as artists. I think the implication is that they're doing this FOR the fans and they want to still be creative and strong artists. I wish them all the best of luck and hope that if and when they do get back together they'll be even better than before.
  • *dies*
    *dies again*
    I feel like its going to be harder to keep track of all fo them T_T, I must admit that I dont have much faith in their individual work, I mean, the five of them together were fkin awesome T_T!!!!!!
    now I have my answer to the long time wihtout releasing new stuff...
    if they ever EVRER seriosly disband, I swear Im going ALL the way to japan to kill them one by one T_T (and then throw myself down a cliff, lol)
    it makes me sad ;___;
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